Patented system eliminates 100% probability of loosening wheel nuts.

Our device makes obsolete. the verification of the recommended tightening 50 kms after wheel removal. Maintenance to avoid loosening nuts being no longer useful,
staff dedicated to this mission is now released and can be assigned to other missions.

The safety hubcap Securiveur® is a device that aims to end the wheel losses of heavy vehicles (buses, trucks, trailers, ….).

Installing the Securiveur® system makes you saving money

– Time lost reduction, no more accidents caused by the loss of a wheel,
– Decrease of the regularchange of studs and nuts,
– No more change of rim because the threads have ovalized and enlarged it by a bad tightening,
– No more loosed rim that no longer rotates in its axis causing the tire in contact with the elements of the chassis and the body, which will then burst or will cut the studs causing significant damage as bodily as material,
– No more increase of insurance premium for accidents due to wheel loss.

Wheel loss is a global problem

Traffic accidents involving heavy vehicles harm the image of road transport.
Transport companies must be involved in reducing accidents due to wheel losses.

Securiveur® customers can thus promote their seriousness by making known their commitment to
road safety with our safety device, guaranteeing quality certification.

2016 was the year of success for Jean-Bernard DE LIMA and his team.

In 2016, the Securiveur device was distinguished by :

A Gold Medal at the Salon des Inventions de Lyon (see article)
A Gold Medal at the International Inventors Fair in Geneva (see article)

The solution: Securiveur®

Recent developments in international freight traffic, which accompany the creation of the European Economic Area and the opening of the eastern frontiers, point to the continued strong growth of road transport.

According to data from the OECD, the European Truck Park is about 16 million vehicles. Heavy goods vehicles represent around 8 to 10% of the road vehicle fleet and account for around 15% of road transport mileage.
But in recent decades, their activity has increased from 40 to 60%. This progression is significantly greater on some routes. The assessment of the risks created by the traffic in heavy goods vehicles will thus increase as this activity increases.

Today. Although the main difficulty encountered in European statistical comparisons is the use of different databases (depending on the country, vehicles with less than 3.5 tonnes are sometimes included), trucks are involved in 15.3% of fatal accidents whose 5% would be attributed to the loss of the wheels.

Some heavy goods vehicle accidents involve vehicles transporting hazardous materials. This type of accident presents a particularly high risk, knowing that the consequences can be much more serious than for a vehicle carrying ordinary goods. Since transport is a small part of all movements, it is impossible to establishan accurate assessment of the real risk of wheel loss from low accident statistics.

It is therefore necessary to theoretically determine the potential risk and the consequences. Let us note that the loss of the wheels is a taboo subject, due to the negative impact that it would cause in the management relations customers. The safety hubcap revolution is an innovation of general interest and economic, such as the seat belt, the ABS, the airbag, EPS, etc..

The Securiveur® promise

The safety cover Sécuriveur® is a device that aims to end the wheel losses of heavy vehicles (buses, trucks, trailers, ….).
This patented product allows thanks to a system of locknut to eliminate any probability of loosening wheel nuts.

Thanks to the presence of molybdenum in its composition, 316L stainless steel is preferred by our customers for its resistance to corrosion, it also offers a very aesthetic look.